Each year, approximately 300 films participate in the APSA competition. More than 2800 films have competed in the region’s highest accolade in film.

“The number and calibre of entries we receive each year is confirmation that APSA has been embraced by the region’s film industry. Asia Pacific filmmakers needed an award of their own, to acclaim their work and take it to a global audience,” APSA Founding Chairman and Advisory Board Member, Des Power AM.

The Asia Pacific Screen Awards judging process is conducted in three phases:

1. ‘In Competition’ for the Asia Pacific Screen Awards

Submitting Member Organisations are enlisted across the Asia Pacific region to put forward films to represent their country or area. Expert selection panels assembled by APSA, view and consider these official country submissions. The APSA secretariat invites films to ensure the broadest representation possible from the 70 countries and areas engaged by APSA.

2. Nominee Selection

The International Nominations Council deliberates and votes to reach nominees in seven award categories – Best Feature Film, Achievement in Directing, Best Performance by an Actor, Best Performance by an Actress, Best ScreenplayAchievement in Cinematography, and the Cultural Diversity Award under the patronage of UNESCO.

Selection panellists are drawn from the relevant industry fields, assembled by APSA to determine nominees in the Youth, Animation and Documentary Feature Film categories.

3. Winner Selection

International Juries are appointed to determine the winners, which are announced at the Awards Ceremony held in Brisbane, Australia.

Competition Charter Rules & Regulations

The Asia Pacific Screen Awards competition is strictly governed by the Competition Charter Rules & Regulations. It describes in detail the technical and cultural criteria which films are judged and the selection process employed to determine nominees and winners.

For further information please contact the APSA Team.

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