Film Details

  • Sri Lanka

Film Synopsis

In a country where sexuality has become a vulgarity, a man sees his wife, Suddhi, nude for the first time only as she lays dead before him on a mortuary table. Having walked out on him 15 years earlier, Abasiri struggles emotionally to claim the merest part of her body, but upon seeing her body he agrees unconditionally to transport her body back their home for a funeral. With a coffin tied atop an ice-cream van, he and his buddies traverse the countryside. When they arrive home, the villagers already know how Suddhi died through newspaper reports and rumours resulting in Abasiri’s humiliation in front of them. Unlike other films detailing the graphic violence inflicted upon women in society, Suddhi is allowed a voice here and through flashbacks and narration we and the characters learn about her life through her powerful testimony.


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